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Comparison of phpBB3 to other Popular Forum Solutions

The limit for poll options is set by the board administrator. If you feel you need to add more options to your poll then the allowed amount, contact the board administrator. Top How do I edit or delete a poll? As with posts, polls can only be edited by the original poster, a moderator or an administrator. To edit a poll, click to edit the first post in the topic; this always has the poll associated with it.

If no one has cast a vote, users can delete the poll or edit any poll option. However, if members have already placed votes, only moderators or administrators can edit or delete it. Some forums may be limited to certain users or groups. To view, read, post or perform another action you may need special permissions.

This article provides a comparison of phpBB to other forum solutions

Contact a moderator or board administrator to grant you access. Attachment permissions are granted on a per forum, per group, or per user basis. The board administrator may not have allowed attachments to be added for the specific forum you are posting in, or perhaps only certain groups can post attachments.

Contact the board administrator if you are unsure about why you are unable to add attachments. Top Why did I receive a warning? Each board administrator has their own set of rules for their site. If you have broken a rule, you may be issued a warning. Contact the board administrator if you are unsure about why you were issued a warning. Top How can I report posts to a moderator?

Login and Registration Issues

If the board administrator has allowed it, you should see a button for reporting posts next to the post you wish to report. Clicking this will walk you through the steps necessary to report the post. This allows you to save passages to be completed and submitted at a later date. To reload a saved passage, visit the User Control Panel.

How To Create A Forum -- phpBB Forum Website Build a Community Around Your Business

Top Why does my post need to be approved? The board administrator may have decided that posts in the forum you are posting to require review before submission. It is also possible that the administrator has placed you in a group of users whose posts require review before submission. Please contact the board administrator for further details. Top How do I bump my topic? However, if you do not see this, then topic bumping may be disabled or the time allowance between bumps has not yet been reached.

It is also possible to bump the topic simply by replying to it, however, be sure to follow the board rules when doing so. The use of BBCode is granted by the administrator, but it can also be disabled on a per post basis from the posting form. :: View topic - Feature List [ updated 25 May ]

For more information on BBCode see the guide which can be accessed from the posting page. Top What are Smilies? Smilies, or Emoticons, are small images which can be used to express a feeling using a short code, e. The full list of emoticons can be seen in the posting form. Try not to overuse smilies, however, as they can quickly render a post unreadable and a moderator may edit them out or remove the post altogether.

The board administrator may also have set a limit to the number of smilies you may use within a post. Top Can I post images? Yes, images can be shown in your posts. If the administrator has allowed attachments, you may be able to upload the image to the board.

Otherwise, you must link to an image stored on a publicly accessible web server, e. You cannot link to pictures stored on your own PC unless it is a publicly accessible server nor images stored behind authentication mechanisms, e. To display the image use the BBCode [img] tag. Top What are global announcements? Global announcements contain important information and you should read them whenever possible.

They will appear at the top of every forum and within your User Control Panel.

phpBB 3.1.x Changelog

Global announcement permissions are granted by the board administrator. Top What are announcements? Announcements often contain important information for the forum you are currently reading and you should read them whenever possible. Announcements appear at the top of every page in the forum to which they are posted. As with global announcements, announcement permissions are granted by the board administrator. Top What are sticky topics? Sticky topics within the forum appear below announcements and only on the first page.

They are often quite important so you should read them whenever possible. As with announcements and global announcements, sticky topic permissions are granted by the board administrator. Top What are locked topics? Locked topics are topics where users can no longer reply and any poll it contained was automatically ended. Topics may be locked for many reasons and were set this way by either the forum moderator or board administrator.

You may also be able to lock your own topics depending on the permissions you are granted by the board administrator. Top What are topic icons?

Comparison of phpBB to other forum solutions

Topic icons are author chosen images associated with posts to indicate their content. The ability to use topic icons depends on the permissions set by the board administrator. Administrators are members assigned with the highest level of control over the entire board. These members can control all facets of board operation, including setting permissions, banning users, creating usergroups or moderators, etc.

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They may also have full moderator capabilities in all forums, depending on the settings put forth by the board founder. Top What are Moderators? Moderators are individuals or groups of individuals who look after the forums from day to day. They have the authority to edit or delete posts and lock, unlock, move, delete and split topics in the forum they moderate.

Generally, moderators are present to prevent users from going off-topic or posting abusive or offensive material.

Top What are usergroups? Usergroups are groups of users that divide the community into manageable sections board administrators can work with. Each user can belong to several groups and each group can be assigned individual permissions. This provides an easy way for administrators to change permissions for many users at once, such as changing moderator permissions or granting users access to a private forum. Top Where are the usergroups and how do I join one? If you would like to join one, proceed by clicking the appropriate button. Not all groups have open access, however.

Some may require approval to join, some may be closed and some may even have hidden memberships. If the group is open, you can join it by clicking the appropriate button.