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One important consideration you'll need to address offline—and likely with both your IT and legal departments—is what happens to this data after you've taken receipt of a report. What's in these reports is usually considered highly personal data by the subject, so losing it in a data breach or simply through negligence can have significant repercussions in many cases.

What does a basic background check include?

Additionally, new developments in data privacy, such as the implementation of the European Union EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR legislation can place even more responsibility not just on the providers of this data but on those that take delivery of it as well. So remember to sit down with your legal and IT teams to put together a simple workflow that will let you not only access this data efficiently but store and dispose of it properly, too.

After ordering an employment background check report, turnaround time is a major factor since it's critical not only to how quickly an employer can fill seats but also to how quickly a promising candidate can be locked down. All vendors claim fast turnaround times, but in reality, these are estimates because every report is heavily affected by how quickly outside data resources respond to requests.

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Federal databases are fairly quick, but scans across county databases or municipal court records can take much longer. I found some of the vendors mapped completion to these dates, while others gave a short turnaround estimate and then sent status updates notifying me of delays. Because of the costs involved, companies tend to wait until the candidate is in the final stages, either right before the company tenders an offer or right after they receive an accepted offer back from the individual.

In the latter case, the job offer becomes contingent on passing the employee background check. Credit checks require a separate authorization from job candidates and are not usually run unless the role applied for has fiduciary responsibility. It's a good idea to research any employment background check service provider you might be considering to determine whether or not they're a NAPBS-accredited service.

Out of the six services we reviewed for this roundup, there were only two we could not verify as being NAPBS-accredited services. All three services let users easily order reports, track progress, and communicate with their candidates. They all also deliver a significant number of integrations with other HR applicant tracking systems and data houses, which makes things easier on HR managers. Price is the other main differentiator in this employment background check service review roundup; our three winners are competitive in this area.

Plus, they are all transparent when it comes to communicating their pricing prior to engagement; IntelliCorp was the most reasonably priced. Among our other players, A Good Employee.

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  4. Accio Data offered me a peek inside the back-end side of the Consumer Reporting Agency CRA industry, as its software platform was full-featured, flexible, and able to be quickly rebranded by their CRA customers. Specifically what data is provided by these companies can vary widely depending on the role, location, regulatory factors, and other needs specific to the customer, which means whoever requests and pays for the report. While a company with a small budget might just check references, those with more resources can employ one of these services to check anything from credit reports to criminal history.

    Just be aware of how much you're paying, what kinds of data you're requesting, and what happens to that data after you use it.

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    Want to discuss how employment background checks are evolving? Cons: Its report turnaround time estimate was slightly longer than other vendors but was completed within the provided timeline. It's built to support companies doing business in a gig economy, with a UI that's modern, mobile, and multilingual.

    Pros: Competitively priced. Has a "friendly" vibe similar to Checkr's. Its easy-to-use applicant portal offers an extensive Resources section with a variety of forms and articles that go beyond simple Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Notice Letters. Cons: The report completion time exceeded the initial estimated time, although it sent new estimate dates that were met.

    Not multilingual. Pros: Easy-to-navigate user interface. Strong compliancy ethic and commitment to FCRA education.

    What do background checks show?

    Meets its estimated turnaround times. Bottom Line: IntelliCorp is competitively priced, takes a unique approach to meet estimated turnaround times, meets compliancy requirements, and has a unique setup to facilitate volunteer organization staffing. Cons: User interface somewhat generic. Pros: Integrates with applicant tracking systems. Good mobile user interface UI. Branded portals with custom dashboards. Cons: Busy UI. Opaque pricing makes forecasting difficult. Bottom Line: SterlingOne's pre-employment background screening capabilities can be an asset for an HR department that wants employment background check services, although companies may want to go with one of the more comprehensive custom packages instead of the entry-level option.

    Pros: Easy to use. Emphasis on compliance, user education, and report turnaround time. Cons: User interface could use a design update that modernizes without sacrificing ease of use. Software is not multilingual. Though its roots are in real estate management, the solution also works for corporate HR purposes, with solid customer service and reasonable, a la carte pricing. The Best Online Survey Tools for Alyson Behr is a tech writer, editor, and strategic content consultant. With deep roots in testing, industry competitive analysis, and product reviews, Behr has written for numerous IT publications.

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    Product Checkr. Accio Data. A Good Employee. Pros: Great, easy-to-use, mobile-ready user interface with cool tools like an Adjudication Matrix and Geos that sort data in clear, understandable ways so employers can make decisions with confidence. Read Review. Cons: It's not multilingual. Whether a valid assumption or not, some employers believe if you are not reliable in paying your bills, then you will not be a reliable employee. Unfortunately, a bad credit report can work against you in your search for employment.

    In addition to your payment history, a credit report typically includes information about your former addresses and previous employers. Employers can use this as one way to verify the accuracy of information you provide on an application or resume. Do any state laws limit the use of credit reports for employment screening purposes? Several states have passed laws limiting credit reports for employment decisions with provisions that require a nexus to actual job duties.

    A California employer cannot review your credit report unless the job falls into one of numerous exceptions. The FCRA allows employment checks not only for hiring purposes but for other employment purposes such as promotion, retention, or transfer. Credit checks for the purposes of retaining you as an employee allows the employer to check your credit periodically.

    Once you have given your permission, you generally need not be asked again. Employers may run periodic checks, for example, as a way to identify individuals who have a high debt to salary ratio. To an employer, an employee who is overextended financially may be more prone to stealing from the company. There are many companies that specialize in employment screening.

    Best Background Check Services

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that companies conducting background checks fall into several broad categories. This can range from individuals commonly known as "private investigators," to companies that do nothing but employment screening, and to online data brokers.

    Corporations that employ large numbers of people may have an established relationship with a third-party background checking company or may even use an affiliated company for their employment screening. Other background checking companies may work on a less formal basis with employers. Some screening companies operate in specific areas of the country while others conduct background screening nationwide. It is easy for employers to gather background information themselves.

    Much of it is online, allowing employers to access public records and commercial databases relatively easily. Employers should understand that online data brokers may be subject to the FCRA, triggering obligations on the part of the company as well as the employer.

    Things that can make you fail an employment background check

    In the FTC announced a settlement in a case charging online data broker Spokeo with acting as a consumer reporting agency. It can be accessed for some, but not all, criminal history checks. Whether an employer has access to the NCIC depends on the kind of job involved. FCRA covers "consumer reports" issued for multiple purposes, and this is a source of confusion to many individuals. In addition to covering credit checks, the FCRA also governs employment background checks for the purposes of "hiring, promotion, retention, or reassignment.

    The FCRA does not require employers to conduct employment background checks. But the law sets a national standard that employers must follow in employment screening. In some states, laws may give an employee more rights than the FCRA. Yes, if it is not performed by the employer. The background check must be prepared by an outside company -- a "consumer reporting agency" or business that "for monetary fees, dues, or on a cooperative nonprofit basis, regularly engages in Under the FCRA, the employer must obtain the applicant's written authorization before the background check is conducted.

    Get Started

    The authorization must be on a document separate from all other documents such as an employment application. In California , at the time an employer obtains permission for a background check, the applicant or employee should also be told that he or she may request a copy of the report. The FCRA, in contrast, says the subject is entitled to a copy of the report if a pre-adverse notice is given. Under federal law, if the employer uses information from the consumer report for an "adverse action" - that is, denying the job applicant, terminating the employee, rescinding a job offer, or denying a promotion - it must take the following steps :.

    Before the adverse action is taken, the employer must give the applicant a "pre-adverse action disclosure.