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Ohio law provides that residents of Ohio apply for a marriage license in the county where one of the applicants resides in order to be married in the State of Ohio.

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Lucas County residents will need to provide proof of residency. Out of state residents may apply in Lucas County for a marriage license however, the marriage ceremony must also take place in Lucas County. There is no waiting period in Lucas County. A marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. An ordained or licensed minister of any religious society or congregation within this state who is licensed through the office of the Secretary of the State of Ohio, the probate judge, or a judge of a municipal court may solemnize marriages.

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You will not need blood tests or witnesses to be married in Ohio. A marriage license will not be issued if either applicant is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance. If both persons to be joined in marriage are the age of 17 years, they may be joined in marriage only if the juvenile court has filed a consent to the marriage under section If only one person is the age of 17 years, that person may be joined in marriage only if both of the following apply: 1.

The juvenile court has filed a consent to the marriage under section The other person to be joined in marriage is not more than four years older.

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Under section For more information, call the Marriage License Bureau at If either party is hearing impaired and requires an interpreter, one will be provided by the Court, however you must make arrangements with the interpreter prior to obtaining your marriage license. Please call the Marriage License Office at to arrange for an interpreter for the hearing impaired. If an applicant does not speak or understand English, he or she must have a translator when applying for a marriage license. The translator must be at least 18 years or age, cannot be related to either applicant and must have a valid Government issued, picture ID.

In addition, translation of any foreign document must be provided. Translations must be on business letterhead from a professional translator. At the time of application we will need the original foreign document along with the translation. We suggest you contact the International Institute in Toledo, Ohio, at to assist in translations. For further information, call the Marriage License Bureau at Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request and allow approximately 2 weeks for processing.

If applying in person, cash is accepted and the certified copy will be issued while you wait.

If you have questions, call the Marriage License Bureau at The Library indexes obituaries as a service to the community. If you find the name of the individual that you are searching for, we can email a scan of the obituary to you.

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The Toledo Lucas County Public Library is pleased to partner with Ohio Memory to present our growing digital archive of collections and exhibits on topics including but not limited to :. We're creating a photo collection to preserve the history of Toledo and Lucas County and we need your help! We are looking for pictures depicting scenes from Toledo and Lucas County or of residents out in the wider world. Submit photos digitally using the link below, or download and complete our form if you wish to mail us your photographs all mailed photographs will be returned.

View the Community Photo Album. Highlights include:. It contains books, DVDs and memorabilia related to local, national and international labor issues and history. Some of the memorabilia located in the room includes:. Our state-of-the-art digitization equipment and expert staff are dedicated to identifying, digitizing, preserving and providing open access to unique and rare materials that document the history and cultural heritage of Toledo and Lucas County.

Interested in digitizing materials or have questions? Email us or call Please note that the minimum turnaround time for digitization services is approximately two weeks.

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Scanning: We will scan text, books, slides and negatives, glass plate negatives or other oversized items for you. Editing: Looking for assistance cropping, rotating or editing your images or documents?

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File Storage: Need somewhere to store your items? If materials fall within our collection scope, we will host them for free. Want to learn how to edit your photos like a pro but need help finding the right tools?

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  • Come to an informative presentation about photo editing software that will take your pictures to the next level. Meet at Sanger, then drive to local cemeteries to hear a brief history of local players' contributions and place holiday tribute wreaths. Event will last approx.

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