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Rating format: Percentage of patients that recommend the health provider. Each professional is ranked based on the criteria you selected for sorting. What you can find: A list of specialists near you that you can sort based on what's most important to you.

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For instance, you can sort by quality and patient feedback, type of insurance they accept, distance from you, and the doctor's gender. Details you can see: Directions and maps. How long health professionals have been in practice, their education and training, licensing and certification, how many office locations they have, hospital affiliations, what types of insurance they cover, languages spoken, and whether they are accepting new patients.

Helpful Hints - Physician Licensure | State Board of Medical Examiners

What you can do: You can look up a rating or add a review. You can rate the doctor's staff and wait time.

You can also rate how well the doctor listens and explains medical conditions. The site uses a 5-star rating system. What you can find: A specialist near you, the gender you prefer, one that's accepting new patients, one that's rated. So, a Cosmetic Surgeon could be a General Surgeon with 5 years of post-medical school training in general surgery plus additional training in cosmetic procedures.

In order for a physician to become a Plastic Surgeon, they must complete an approved Residency training program in Plastic Surgery.

How to Check Your Doctor's Credentials and Background

The training required to become a Plastic Surgeon is between years after medical school. To find out if your surgeon is board certified by the ABPS, search here: www.

These boards can be established by anyone, often a group of physicians that establish the criteria for certification. Requirements for membership are much less rigorous than ABMS board certification. Some states, like California, have passed laws prohibiting physicians from advertising self-designated boards; only the recognized ABMS boards can be advertised. However in some states one can claim to be "Board Certified" even though the certification comes from a self-designated board.

These are examples of professional association or society memberships. These nonprofit organizations seek to further a particular profession, require colleague recommendations and nominations prior to membership, and may require members uphold to certain standards such as ethics or advertising. As you can see, looking up a surgeon's background and credentials is actually a pretty quick and easy task—once you know what to look for and where to look!

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While background and credentials make up just a portion of what you should be considering in your surgeon search, here are some actions you can take that can help lead you to the right surgeon for your Top Surgery:. Find out if you will have a board certified anesthesiologist The anesthesia experience is critical to a safe and comfortable surgical experience. A board certified anesthesiologist can administer general anesthesia or local anesthesia together with sedation and analgesia aka monitored anesthesia care or MAC for short.

Find out if the surgeons you are considering have a board certified anesthesiologist in the operating room for the duration of surgery. Consider hospital affiliation Top Surgery is often performed at private surgery clinics but if you are to be admitted to a hospital for some reason, your choice of surgeon can determine which hospital you go to. Find out where the surgeon has admitting privileges, then use ConsumerReports' Hospital Ratings to see how that facility compares with other hospitals in your area.

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Mosser sees patients from around the country. For information regarding diabetes educator licenses, please click here. For information regarding genetic counselors, please click here.

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For information regarding anesthesiologist assistants, please click here. For information regarding dietitians, please click here.

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The Board does not maintain records of hospital disciplinary actions, federal disciplinary actions, or convictions. Darren Covington, J. Washington Street, W Indianapolis, Indiana Search IN.