This process is essentially the same as the Criminal Rehabilitation process, but it is for crimes that were committed in Canada. However, the previous Pardon process has been drastically altered which seems to mean the Criminal Rehabilitation process will also soon be subject to the same or similar changes. The Pardon process required that applicants had completed their entire sentence and had demonstrated that they were law-abiding citizens as proven by references from local law-enforcement.

This process is now referred to as the Criminal Record Suspension process, and reforms to the requirements have caused a major decrease in the amount of record suspensions granted. Besides the new name, new requirements include: 1. The crime-free waiting period is lengthened to years for summary offences and 10 years for a serious offence which could apply to suspend indictable convictions, 2.

Anyone with more than 3 convictions for indictable offences is disqualified from ever applying, 3.

New Rules for Pardons in Canada

Those convicted of child sex offences are disqualified from ever applying, 4. And the fee of the application process has almost quadrupled. Marginal note: Record suspension — person referred to in subsection 4 3. Marginal note: Entitlement to make representations. Marginal note: Board to consider representations.

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Marginal note: Functions of Executive Committee. Marginal note: Records to be delivered to Commissioner.

Marginal note: Records to be kept separate and not be disclosed. Subject to subsection 2. Marginal note: Information in national DNA data bank.

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Definition of vulnerable person. Marginal note: Request to forward record to Minister. Marginal note: Disclosure to person or organization. Keep the email simple. Only include the following:. In most cases, the police will only release record checks to the person who applied for the check. But you can consent to a specific employer or organization getting the results of a criminal record check or criminal record and judicial matters check.

Non-conviction information is information about certain crimes, even if you were charged but not convicted. When the police give you the results of the vulnerable sector record check, they have to include information about how to ask for a reconsideration. You have to ask for a reconsideration in writing within 45 days of getting the results of the record check.

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Ask for a reconsideration. Find services Criminal Law - Police stops and searches. Find services.

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How to Get a Pardon in Canada

How do I make a complaint about the police? Learn more about this topic. Government of Canada. Non-Conviction Records. John Howard Society of Ontario. Was this information helpful? Yes No. What's included in a police record check? This question has an answer and 5 steps. For example, a record check can't include information about you: being stopped and questioned by police being arrested but not charged with a crime having contact with the police because of a mental health crisis contacting the police to report a crime Fingerprints If you have any criminal convictions on file, you must have your fingerprints taken and given to the RCMP.

A criminal record check will not include: outstanding charges and warrants any crime that you got an absolute discharge for any crime that you got an conditional discharge for convictions where you were granted a record suspension pardon summary offences you were convicted of more than 5 years before you asked for the check If you don't have any criminal convictions, any police station can give you a clearance letter.