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Here are some tips to get you started: Ask your content provider which geolocation provider they use and how to contact them. If your request is approved, the amount of time it takes to see the correction varies by provider. The average is a month or more.

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Where's My Technician? This mechanism only works if the IP address of the device appears in a database along with its corresponding location. Examples of the level of detail that can be registered in the database include the postal address, city, country, region or geographic coordinates of the location where an IP address is being used. The information obtained through by the whois system is the information each organization provides in the service agreement they sign when receiving resources from LACNIC.

This means that the city and country obtained through the whois system might not match the actual location where the numbering resources are being used. In addition to the whois information, there are many commercial providers of geolocation databases.

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Many websites and online services must be able to identify where their visitors are located, either to display the website in the user's native language, to automatically complete online forms, or to produce better search results based on the user's location. Many sites that distribute multimedia content need to know where their users are located to restrict access based on each user's geographic location, as they are contractually bound by their agreements with the owners of the broadcasting rights.

In many cases, geolocation is also important to keep certain users from abusing online services, for example, by offering e-commerce websites a tool to reduce fraud or limit their services to certain countries or regions. Since LAC was approved, every day LACNIC publishes a list of the assignments and sub-assignments made in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, including the country and city of the organization receiving the resources.

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