The taxpayer told me he asked for a corrected value notice, but couldn't get one. The district website makes no mention of any problems. The only hint that something is amiss is a notice that the district's board of directors' meeting was canceled and rescheduled for a later date. The district's website also doesn't list extended hours, as some districts offer.

Seda called the requirement to visit the appraisal district retaliatory as a punishment for protesting taxpayers. The mandate for in-person visits, he says, forces "people to take time off from work and incur travel and other expenses in order to protest. If these allegations are true, it's one more example of a broken and error-prone system that can't be trusted to be equal and uniform, as the Texas Constitution requires.

If you're following the fits and starts of the Texas Legislature, as I try to do, you know that changes considered are mostly cosmetic. In some ways, what's allegedly happening in Kaufman County isn't unlike other counties' operations. Appraisal numbers continue to shock property owners across the state. And it's not unusual for protesters to be required make office visits. The Watchdog recommends that everyone seriously consider filing a protest.

Now it looks like property owners in Kaufman County have no choice. Why Texas' property tax system is unfair to us all, even a school board president whose home lost value. How to protest your property taxes. Why is Denton County's chief appraiser lodging a protest against property tax protesters? Here's a list of really good bills before the TxLeg that would fix a broken property tax system. Who blinked? How I won in binding arbitration - but didn't have to go to binding arbitration.

Kaufman County Property Tax Loans

Wearing two hats at the same time isn't good for the property tax system. D on't miss great information designed to help you, your family and your business. Your Email required. Your Telephone required.

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Message - Please describe the type of real estate services needed. As appraisal districts across the state of Texas put the screws to homeowners this summer, some interesting things are happening behind the scenes in the operationally corrupt system known as uniform and equal appraisal. The predators are starting to eat each other as the system comes unglued.

I am not surprised this is happening. They act shamefully, they commit terrible offenses; and yet they are not ashamed, and do not even know how to blush.

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Therefore they shall fall among those who fall. The Travis County Appraisal District is currently involved in a rather interesting lawsuit in which two property tax consulting firms and of their clients are suing the Travis County CAD and its chief appraiser, Marya Crigler.

The latest case in Austin is apparently only heating up. Back in December the chief appraiser in Travis County filed for a motion to dismiss the suit claiming it was a meritless SLAPP suit strategic lawsuit against public participation designed to suppress the right to free speech. In a related twist, the outgoing mayor of Forney, Rick Wilson, filed a class-action lawsuit against the Kaufman County Appraisal District and its chief appraiser, Sarah Curtis.

Harris County Clerk's Office

Apparently the initial notice values in Kaufman County have gone through the roof, pun intended. Regardless of the outcome of the suit, I can tell you he is spot on with that assertion. Virtually no CAD in Texas make make a legitimate claim that their values are, because the Texas property tax system is structured to prevent that from happening.

Big commercial property owners are having a field day with the appraisal districts. The Harris County Appraisal District has seen the number of annual lawsuits soar in recent years, along with their annual cost of litigation to fight the cases. While we often consider cronyism to be relegated to the federal level in Washington D. Cronyism is alive and well in Texas, particularly at the local level. Kaufman County provides an egregious example with inequities found in the state property tax system. The Mayor of Forney — Rick Wilson — appears to be a personal beneficiary of preferential tax treatment.

Wilson was able to get the appraised value of various parcels of real estate significantly lowered, including his personal residence.

Property title records in Kaufman County Texas - AFX

Of particular interest are two parcels that he owns under the name SKW Holdings. The two parcels — and — are commercial tracts of land along Highway 80 next to Baylor Hospital. Unsurprisingly, the two parcels are not eligible for such treatment.

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