John Barber. Adams, Private Joseph Adams.

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Johnson, Corporal Westly Johnson. Spohn, Corporal Josephus Spohn.

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Swinehart, Wallace Swinehart. Buchanan, Nathan Buchanan. Hoops, Corpl. Nauman Hoops.

Eickelbury, William Eickelbury. Source: Spirit of Democracy September 28, Headquarters 62d Ohio Vols. Dear Spirit -- According to promise I furnish you a full list of the killed, wounded and missing of our Regiment in the battle of the 16th inst. We went into the fight with one hundred and eighteen men, one hundred being on picket, commanded by Captain Johnson:.

Non Com. Staff - Aaron D.

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Youcum, Sergt. Major, arm. Company A - Killed - Corp. John Barber, Private Joseph Adams. Wounded, Sergt. Eli Slainbrook, finger, David Slay, arm, severely:. Company B - Charge of the 14th; killed S. Duval, Thomas Rowles. Wounded, Corpl. Zacariah Wynier, right side. Charge of the 16th; wounded, Segt. Samuel Varnwy, thigh, Corpl. Barr, W. Williams, both eyes out, William Travis.

Company C. Wilson, left shoulder, Samuel Rugg, right side and right hand. Company D.

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Lowery, knee and captured. Company E - Wounded, Corporal W. Hoppar, arm, Josiah Palmer, abdomen, J. Tomlinson, foot, James Maxwell, left thigh. Missing, Sergt.

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Bidenharn, A. Company F - Wounded, Lieut. George Hirst, hip, Corpl. Joseph Stiner, right leg, slightly, Thomas Gould, thigh, flesh wound, P. Inskip, flesh wound, thigh. Company G - Killed, J. Wounded, Corpl, J. Robinson, right ankle and both legs, F. Moore, back. Company H - Killed; Nathan Buchanan.

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Wounded - Capt. Combs, hip, slightly. Wounded, Capt. Williams, both hips, Corpl. Eli Melnturf , elbow, Levi Weekley, left arm, J. Bullock, groin, slightly, Samuel Wheeler, arm. Company K - Killed, Corpl. Nauman Hoops, James Venning. Wounded Amos Frame, left hip and leg, Elias Kindall, chin, Alexander Joy, through neck, Israel Hitchcock, twice above knee, and in calf right leg and in left thigh. Butler, John Hoops and Elisha Huffman, reported wounded, have arrived in camp uninjured.

A flag of truce went out last evening and arrangements were effected by which nearly if not quite all of our dead were brought in; their clothes had been removed by the rebels, as was also their boots and shoes. Rumor says we are to charge the pits again this evening. There is plenty of work before us, and its going to take some time to accomplish the whole of it. All for this time.

Weekly, please copy. The above letter of Capt. West has been delayed, but thinking it will be interesting to the friends of the Regiment, we publish it. Source: Spirit of Democracy July 13, Died - On the 5th day of July, , at her residence in Baresville, Mrs.

Ann Bare, in the 70th year of her age. Barker, Elisha Barker. Source: Spirit of Democracy 27 July The Grand Jury, at the late term of court, found bills of indictment as follows:. They plead guilty and were sentenced to two years in the penitentary [sic]. Adams, for assault and battery. Jacob Fry, for assault and battery. Amos Bennett, for perjury. Phillip Wiggins, for rooting and carrying away fruit trees. Barnett, John W. Source: Spirit of Democracy 2 March Stafford , Jan.

He became identified with Stafford Lodge, No.

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BARNETT, the Lodge has lost one of its most efficient and trustworthy members, the neighborhood one of its best citizens, whose hand was ever open to contribute to the wants of the needy, and aid in all the moral reforms of the day. Second , That we deeply sympathize with the widow and fatherless children of our deceased brother, who have lost a kind and affectionate Husband and Father, and we commend them to the care of Him who slumbereth not, and whose Eye is ever over those who trust in Him.

Third , Resolved, That the fraternity wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. Fourth , Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the family of our deceased brother, and published in the Monroe and Noble County papers. Committee on Resolutions.

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  • Source: Spirit of Democracy November 2, Died - Oct. Source: Spirit of Democracy April 20, Bracey, aged 18 years, 9 months and 8 days, March 28th, ; about 12 o'clock she folded her arms across her breast, and sweetly fell asleep in the arms of her blest. Redeemer, Her cheerful smiles and kind words will greet us no more on earth. Her illness was short, and her death was not anticipated until a few weeks before it occurred.

    Nothing could have been more heartrending to her dearly beloved parents, brothers and sisters, then was her death. She was so amiable, so kind, so affectionate, that she was admired by all who knew her. Her converation during her sickness is a living testimony of her safe passage over Jordan , and her peaceful rest in Jesus.

    She bade her schoolmates farewell, and expressed a desire that they should meet her in heaven.

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    • She would oftimes say O! I feel so happy, but we'll wait till Jesus comes and we'll be gathered home. Dear Mary, gentle lovely mild,.