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I always try to do varying combinations, remembering that double consonants work well, as does changing the length of the vowel sounds by adding or changing those letters.

Celebrity Influence

This can be bad if you need that specific character to act and behave in a certain way. With this character naming method, you will develop your character in full first and then choose their name.

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For example: in the Harry Potter series, the mood tends to be more serious. Rowling created Ron Weasley as comedic relief. While Ron is much more than that, the intention is still for him to be a goofy, funny character. Had she named him a more serious name like Reginald, Theodore, or Christopher, crafting those scenes may have been very different. The same can be said for another character called Draco Malfoy.

This name is far more dark than it is funny, which is fitting for his character. Essentially, you can simply think up a random name. Perhaps you have a base or a beginning that you like. For example, my full original name for the character mentioned above was Lhonni. But I felt her character needed a longer name to fit with the traditional style of the names in her culture.

What’s in a name?

Secondly, I decided to pull from the common letter match-ups this culture sees often. This trick is also helpful if you want to give your out-of-the-real-world novel a specific time era vibe. The most famous author who uses this method is George R.

Martin in his infamous series Game of Thrones. What Martin did in order to give this epic fantasy series realistic but medieval sounding names is simply alter just a few letters in a name.

The psychological effects of growing up with an extremely common name

Here are some examples of names from Game of Thrones with more common real names:. Martin has a way of completely transforming these very similar-to-real-life names into something with both a. Of course Game of Thrones also features completely unique names like Daenerys and Tyrion along with real-life names like Robert and Jon. Martin uses this combination to his advantage—and you can too! This is particularly true if you have several characters who will interact with one another regularly. This combination allows several of these characters to be in the same scene without exhausting or confusing the reader.

Nicknames can also serve as a way to show and not tell within your writing as well.

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