For a birth or death that took place outside of San Francisco, please contact the County Recorder in the county where the event took place. How do I get a copy of an older birth or death certificate? San Francisco County Clerk can only issue certificates for: Individuals born in San Francisco County more than 3 years ago and back to or Individuals deceased in San Francisco County more than 3 years ago and back to For a birth or death that took place outside of San Francisco, please contact the County Recorder in the county where the event took place or California Department of Public Heath.

I was born in the Presidio at Letterman Hospital. Where do I get a copy of the birth certificate? It depends upon what the parents want to do - if they were stationed in San Francisco but from another State - they have the option of putting the state of origin on the birth certificate. Some parents leave it alone. The same is true if the baby is born in Tokyo - because the parents are on a US base, it is considered US soil and the state of origin of the parents is put onto the birth certificate at their request. In this case, it is better to order from the California Department of Public Heath.

How do I check the status of my birth or death certificate request ordered through VitalChek? For an update on the status of your order, contact Vitalchek. How do I correct a birth or death record? Can I get a fee waiver for obtaining a certified copy of a birth certificate if I am homeless? What is the difference between registering my domestic partnership with the City and County of San Francisco vs.

San Francisco's local domestic partnership registration is available to unmarried couples age 18 and older who are living together. The registration is a basic agreement where they agree to provide food and shelter for each other. City and County of San Francisco employees must register their domestic partnership with the Office of the County Clerk in order to designate their domestic partner as beneficiary to receive retirement benefits.

Couples planning to have a commitment ceremony performed by our office must file their domestic partnership registration with the County Clerk. California's State Registered Domestic Partners program is separate and distinct from San Francisco's local domestic partnership registration. To register through the State's program, couples must meet eligibility requirements. The San Francisco local program and California State program carry different requirements and benefits.

Couples may register under both programs if they meet the requirements and determine it is beneficial to their personal situation. It is your responsibility to determine the program s that is are beneficial to your personal situation. If you are uncertain regarding how each program will impact you, you may wish to consult your private attorney.

How do I end my San Francisco domestic partnership? If your original domestic partnership registration was filed with our the Office of the San Francisco County Clerk, you may file the Notice of Ending Domestic Partnership in person or by mail.

Marriage Records

The form is available through the Domestic Partners webpage. Complete the form in its entirety, sign the form, and indicate the date and address of when and where a copy of the Notice was sent to your former partner. To purchase a certified copy, you may come in person or request by mail. If requesting by mail, include in your request that you are purchasing a " certified copy of a Notice of Ending DP" , the names of both partners, payment CA personal check or money order , and self-addressed stamped envelope.


If you registered your domestic partnership through a notary public, you must file the Notice of Ending through a notary public, provide a copy to the witness who witnessed the original registration and to your former partner. For additional information, visit the Domestic Partners webpage. Does filing my Fictitious Business Name Statement prevent anyone else from using the business name I've registered? The County Clerk is mandated to accept and file any fictitious business name statement completed correctly and submitted with the appropriate fee.

The County Clerk does not verify or check the availability of fictitious business name prior to filing.

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate in Person

When a dispute arises out of the use of a fictitious business name, it is a legal matter that may be resolved through the judicial system and not handled by our office. A searchable fictitious business name index is maintained and available for all fictitious business name statements filed in San Francisco County at the Fictitious Business Names webpage. Any registrant filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement must first establish a business tax registration account with the Tax Collector's Office.

It is the responsibility of the registrant to determine whether it is required to file a fictitious business name statement. Consult an attorney for legal advice. County Clerk staff is prohibited by law from providing legal advice. For profit and non-profit registrants are required to pay the appropriate fictitious business name statement filing fees. No exceptions and no refunds for statements filed. If our business is a non-profit organization and exempt from paying taxes, are we still required to go to the Tax Collector's Office? I just moved and need to make an address change on my fictitious business name statement.

How do I update the address? If there is a change in fact on the statement, other than the registrant's residential address, the statement expires 40 days from the date the fact changed. If the business address has changed you are required to update your business tax registration certificate with the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office, located at City Hall, Room , and then file a new fictitious business name statement, pay the appropriate fees, and publish the statement.

I missed the day publication deadline for my FBN statement. Can I apply for an extension? If the first legal notice did not appear in the newspaper within 30 days of the FBN filing date, you are required to file a new fictitious business name statement, pay the appropriate fees, and publish the current FBN statement.

How do I renew my fictitious business name statement? If there is no change in facts on the FBN statement due to expire or expired less than 40 days, a new fictitious business name statement needs to be filed and the required filing fee paid. Publication in a newspaper would not be required.

If there is a change in fact on the FBN statement or the statement has expired more than 40 days, a new fictitious business name statement needs to be filed, required filing fee paid, and FBN statement published in a newspaper within 30 days of filing the FBN statement. For information on the publication requirements, visit Fictitious Business Names webpage. How can I find out the expiration date of my Fictitious Business Name filing? However, a mere change in the residence address of an individual, general partner or trustee does not cause the statement to expire prior to the end of the five-year term.

I'm receiving solicitations from third party mailings for fictitious business name statement renewals.

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Is this legal? As of January 1, , there are new laws to prevent people from sending misleading solicitations to Californians.

CA Marriage License Laws Requirements » Marriage License CA

These misleading, or scam, solicitations appear to be from California government agencies and threaten business owners with fines if they do not file required forms. To protect California business owners, Secretary of State Debra Bowen sponsored Assembly Bill 75, which now requires new disclaimers to be added to third—party mailings. Is the County Clerk's office closed for lunch? The County Clerk's office is open for business during lunch.

Our office is open for processing Monday-Friday a. I have a Tax Lien or Judgment showing on my credit report. How do I obtain a copy of this record? The Office of the County Clerk does not handle matters related to liens or judgments. These documents are recorded with the County Recorder. For information, visit their office's website at www. What is the fee for recording a deed? The Office of the County Clerk does not handle real property documents. Deeds are recorded by the County Recorder.

How do I get divorced? Divorce matters are handled by the Superior Court. For more information, visit their website at www. The Court's customer service number is They do not have e-mail access. Are blood tests required for a marriage license? The Blood tests were eliminated in January How do I change my legal name? If the name change is due to a marriage, please check the name change requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Social Security Administration.

Where can I obtain a copy of my divorce papers? All divorce-related matters are handled by the Superior Court. Your divorce records are kept in the county n which you filed for divorce. How do I schedule an appointment to get married at the S. County Clerk's office? Appointments may be scheduled in person at our office or online.

Instruction to fill Los Angeles marriage license application form

For more information, visit Online Reservations. Can one of your staff serve as a witness for our wedding ceremony?

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